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Model #: DPA4448QRT

dpa4448qr/t description
dpa4448qr/t: it is a 4 input x 4 output speaker processor. the activity of the 4 inputs is displayed by rows of 6 level leds + 1 clip led, the activity of the 4 outputs is displayed by rows of 5 level leds + 1 clip led + 1 limiter led. the unit has 4 analog inputs, a stereo digital input, & 4 analog outputs. each input has 5 parametric filters & each output has 7 parametric filters. all the input & output filters can be selected to be bell, 1st/2nd ord shelvings w/-3db at cutting freq., symmetrical shelving w/variable q, hp/lp w/variable q, 1st/2nd ord., all pass (90/180deg. phase rotation at the cutting freq.), bandpass & notch. the outputs x-over section has butterworth, linkwitz/reyleigh & bessel filters up to 48db/oct or custom selectable hp/lp up to 48db/oct configurable by the user as cascade of iind ord cells adjustable in freq & q. on outputs are available a rms compressor w/selectable ratio up to 32:1 & adjustable soft/hard knee & an output peak limiter w/thr in vp or dbu for the loudspeakers protection. the rms compressor & peak limiter's thr can range up to -30dbu. each input & output channels have delays up to 850ms, w/steps of 22usec. the dpa448q-r is providing a very powerful matrix allowing to assign to each output the desired percentage of anyone of the availabel 4 inputs.linking functions between inputs & linking functions between outputs are available. a function is allowing to have ramps closing the output level on parameter changes, when the unit is used installation time

  • this function can be excluded when the unit is used live & it is necessary to perform small changes to the set parameter...on the fly. the pc sw for the remote control is allowing to connect in netup to 32 units & is allowing to show the phase of the filter setting & to adjust graphically the rms compressor & the peak limiter.
    dpa4448qr/t: it is a special version of the dpa4448qr, where the remote control can be selcted between the usb connection on the front panel or the tcp/ip one, located on the rear panel, replacing the rs485.
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    SLDC, Inc. ( BBB Business Review

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