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trx7 cs trail and street gps navigator – 4x4 edition
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The Magellan® TRX7 Trail and Street GPS Navigator is the ultimate off-road GPS navigator. The TRX7 is equipped with a 7" hi-definition touchscreen protected by a waterproof, dustproof, drop- and shock-resistant IP67 casing, and includes a genuine RAM windshield mount to fit any 4x4 vehicle. With a built-in 5-megapixel trail camera with Flash LED, take a photo or video right from the dash using your TRX7.
The TRX7 comes preloaded with over 115,000 designated OHV routes from forest and public lands and includes Magellan’s award-winning street navigation to get you straight from your starting point to the trail. Search trails using your TRX7 or search for trails in a constantly growing crowdsourced track database on www.TRXTrailhead.com. Magellan's trail database contains over 115,000 preloaded OHV routes and user-generated tracks created by fellow off-roaders. The community database is accessible by desktop, tablet, or mobile device, and crowd-sourced tracks contain personal observations so that you can search for them by location, track difficulty, rankings, and more.
You can also review trails and their attributes before you head out to the trail, then save to a list of favorites for future rides. View satellite basemap layers when you search for trails on www.TRXTrailhead.com, and read all of the observations and rankings to get the latest trail so that your off-road adventures are safer and more enjoyable.
The TRX7's intuitive interface makes following trails and recording your own tracks simple. Using either a saved trail from your favorites or a preloaded trail on the device, simply tap "Follow" once the trail is selected. Once you’re on the trail, the TRX7 helps identify land features and minimize surprises for safer off-road navigation by providing a high-resolution (10M) 3D terrain map view and a 2D topo view with contour lines that cover USA and Canada.
With one touch, you can also start tracking while you’re driving on the basemap, and the TRX7 automatically starts recording your track. When recording a track, the TRX7 makes it easy to save waypoints and personal observations. In Active Track mode, to keep your attention on the trail, the TRX7 limits you to selecting only a waypoint type. With two quick taps, you can save a waypoint to your track with no hassle. When you stop your vehicle and pause tracking, the TRX7 allows you to do much more detailed waypoint creation. Once paused, you can mark waypoints using audio recording, coordinates, current location or point on map, or you can select a type of waypoint, name it, add photos, and more. When you save or publish your track, all of your waypoints and observations are saved with the route so the next off-roader following your track will know about any obstacles or beautiful views that await them.
Use the TRX7's built-in 5-megapixel trail camera with Flash LED to take a photo of that wicked hill climb you just nailed and don’t miss the opportunity to document your buddy’s next epic fail. Take photos, add them to waypoints, and share every detail of your adventures. Does Sasquatch keep sneaking into your camp at night? Get good photos and videos even at night with a built-in flash LED that illuminates your surroundings.
Share your progress with friends and family with the Social Post (hashtag) button, which sends an automatic preconfigured Tweet from the trail. Your Tweet will post right away if you’re using your phone as a hotspot, or it will automatically send once the TRX7 is connected to Wi-Fi. Link your Twitter and Instagram accounts, and you can share your trail updates and photos with your social network. Publish your tracks to the community database on www.TRXTrailhead.com so that any fellow off-roader can access your track and see attached waypoints and observations. When navigating a track with saved waypoints, you’ll see pop-ups notifying you of any upcoming waypoints. By giving off-roaders access to this information, you can be more aware of your fellow off-roaders’ observations for safer and more enjoyable trail riding experiences.
Other TRX7 safety features include off-course notifications and Backtrack. The TRX7 warns you whenever you veer off course to quickly get your vehicle back on track. At any point along a track, select the Backtrack feature will guide the TRX7 user safely back to the trailhead, campsite, or any current track starting point.
The TRX7's track saving and publishing features are key to building the off-road community. Before saving a track, you can enter info on 4WD use, trail conditions, obstacles, and more. Enter all the details when you save or do a simple one-touch save and go back to add more details later before you publish your track. Saved tracks are wirelessly uploaded to your TRX account when you connect the TRX7 to Wi-Fi. Once your track has a rating, you can publish the track to the Magellan TRX community database, allowing fellow off-roaders to search your tracks, view your observations, and check out your route.
Download the TRX companion app for iOS or Android to access your account, search, save, and see your position any time you’re away from your TRX7 device.
With the TRX7, you're not only helping build an off-road community: you're building a personal off-road résumé. Receive and collect Achievement badges and Dirt Miles for places visited and the amount of miles you’ve tracked. The Magellan TRX7 Trail and Street GPS Navigator – the only GPS created from the ground-up for off-roading.

  • Turn-by-Turn Trail and Street Navigation: Get visual and audible navigation guidance whether you're navigating off-road trails or streets on your way to your destination.
  • Ruggedized IP67 Casing: Waterproof, dustproof, drop- and shock-resistant housing.
  • 7" HD Touchscreen: Extra-large High definition color touchscreen to easily view while navigating trails or streets.
  • Built-in 5-megapixel Trail Camera with Flash LED: No need to fumble around for your phone or camera. Take a photo or video right from the dash using your TRX7 trail cam. Share every detail of your adventures with your fellow off-roaders by taking photos and videos along your trail and sharing them with the TRX community on www.TRXTrailhead.com.
  • Quick Release Power Cradle: Keep your TRX7 charged on the trail and take it in and out of your vehicle with no hassle.
  • Hi-res (10M) 2D Topo and 3D Basemap of the USA and Canada with Lifetime Free Updates: See high-resolution 2D or 3D map imagery and get free map updates with newly loaded trails several times each year.
  • Satellite Map View Available with Subscription: Purchase an annual subscription to DigitalGlobe for viewing and saving satellite imagery.
  • Over 115,000 Preloaded Designated OHV Routes: Includes 4WD, ATV, Motorcycle, and Snowmobile trails.
  • Companion App: Access your account, search, save, and see your position any time you’re away from your TRX7 device.
  • Online Community Trail Database: Go to TRX Trailhead, where you can discover new crowd-sourced trails, plan on- and off-road routes, and see satellite basemap layers.
  • Searchable Trail & Off-Road Points of Interest (POIs): Advanced trail searching, plus millions of points of interest.
  • One-touch Social Sharing: Link a Twitter or Instagram account to send a Tweet showing your location and Dirt Miles on a trail or to share your photos on social media.
  • Backtrack: Hit the Backtrack button anywhere along your track to route your vehicle back to your current track’s starting point.
  • Intuitive Interface: Ready to go right out-of-the-box. Within moments, you can record and save a track, save waypoints, search for trails, Backtrack, and more.
  • Off-road Waypoint List: Waypoint types and marker sets to easily mark meetup locations, scenic views, campsites, obstacles, and more.
  • Easily Record Custom Waypoints: While stopped, record custom waypoints using current location, GPS coordinates, and more. Add audio, photos and descriptions. Waypoints are visible on a saved track.
  • Safe Waypoint Creation: For safety when moving, the TRX7 limits you to selecting only a waypoint type – keeping your attention on the trail.
  • Off-track Notification: The TRX7 notifies you when you veer off a trail or track you’re recording to get you quickly back on the trail.
  • Custom Trail Details: Mark if a trail requires 4-Wheel-Drive, road conditions, terrain types, pitch, roll, and more to calculate the trails difficulty. Once ranked a trail can be published to the online trail database.
  • Publish User Tracks: Once you’ve saved a user track, publish it to an enormous crowd-sourced track database, where TRX users can view tracks and match their vehicles and thirst for adventure to your custom tracks.
  • Earn Dirt Miles: Accumulate Dirt Miles for every off-road mile you track and receive Dirt Mile badges as miles accumulate over time.
  • Earn Achievements: Receive digital Achievement badges for reaching mileage milestones, visiting national parks, and more.

    Model #: TN1735SGLUC

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