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EMINENCE DELTA12B 12 American S...
12" american standard series speakers - 16ohms
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Maximum Power Output: 300W
RMS Power Handling: 150W
Frequency Response: 27-500 Hz
Impedance: Single 4 Ohm

  • SPL 1W/1M: 88.6
  • Displacement, cc: 1718
  • Displacement, CuIn: 104.89
  • Mounting Depth: 4.5
  • Revc: 3.79
  • VC Inductance, mH: 2.83
  • Sd, SqM: 0.0532
  • BL: 11.69
  • Vas, Liters: 133.27
  • Vas, CuFt: 4.71
  • Mms, gms: 107.37
  • Fs: 25.8
  • Qms: 11.298
  • Qes: 0.499
  • Qts: 0.478
  • Pmax, watts: 150
  • Xmax, mm: 7.5
  • Hemispherical Polymineral Cone with Inverted Structural Domeô (ISD) Means high rigidity under
    pressure for accurate linear control, low enclosure pressure loss to reduce "pump-down", high internal dampening,
    and excellent sunlight, pollution and moisture resistance
  • WARG (Wrap ARound Gasket) Instead of using cork gaskets, which can separate, the Comp Woofers have a one
    piece gasket that wraps around the front and back of the mounting flange. It is more durable and ergonomically
    pleasing to the eye. We learned from other previous models the cork gaskets could tear off or if you were transplanting
    the speaker into another box, they could stay adhered to the old box causing you to order a replacement.
    These problems are eliminated with the new rubber gaskets. They not only look better, but also function better by
    eliminating the chance for air leaks.(provided the box is built correctly!) We still recommend if you are carpeting the
    box, to cut away any carpet that is under the woofer mounting flange.
  • SSD (Spun Spoke Design) The basket not only looks impressive, but it is extremely functional. This stamped
    steel basket provides a solid foundation for the motor assembly insuring that all the parts work together in harmony
    and prevent shifting or misalignment. Without a solid foundation, the speakerís various parts could shift under
    extreme excursion causing premature failure and add unwanted noise to the music. If misaligned, the voice coil
    could rub the inner wall of the motor structure and thus exposing the bare windings, which would cause speaker
    failure. The same thing happens if the coil former rubs the pole-piece. The damaged former exposes the windings
    causing speaker failure. When other speakers are pushed to their limits they tend to make noises that add coloration
    to the music. When youíre LIVINíLOUD you only want here the music the artist intended you to hear, not a
    bunch of unwanted ringing.
  • Perimeter Venting Without the perimeter venting along the side of the speaker, hot air would be trapped in
    with the voice coil. This will cause the structure to heat up quicker and cause power compression, which results in
    decreased output, as well as shorter speaker life. Perimeter venting causes a vortex cooling effect around the coil
    which exchanges the hot air around the voice coil for cooler air outside the speaker. It also releases pressure from
    under the spider to allow the speaker to work in a more linear fashion. All of this translates into cooler operating
    temperatures which will allow the speaker to sound and perform better.
  • Blackened One Piece Uniplate with Vented Hyper-Extended Pole
    1. Provides enhanced heat transfer for cool operation and maximum power handling. The heat is transferred
    from the pole piece to the back plate, effectively acting like a radiator in an engine. This lowers the operating temperature
    of the voice coil. Note:The increase in temperature increases the impedance of the speaker.
    This results in lower output and is referred to as Power Compression.
    2. Reduces non-linear magnetic fields around the voice coil gap for superior cone motion control. The
    extended pole assures the voice coil is always in the magnetic field when moving peak to peak. When the speaker
    reaches itís Xmax, the voice coil is still in the gap between the pole piece and magnet structure due to its extended
    3. Releases pressure under ISD for freer cone motion and enhanced low frequency response. Air trapped
    under the ISD is forced out though the pole-piece to allow the cone to move freely. Heat and pressure build up
    under the ISD and need to be rele
    weight: 13.50 (lbs)
    UPC: 876358000234
    Model #: DELTA12B

  • *Warranty: Full manufacturer's warranty applies. This item is accompanied by a manufacturer's warranty. Most items, if found to be defective, may be returned to Savinglots.com for replacement within 30 days from the original date of purchase with proper return authorization. After the 30 day time period, products must be returned to their original manufacturer for the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty period. Most manufacturers offer at least a 1 year warranty. Please check with the specific manufacturer for their warranty periods. Please email or call us with any questions if you are unable to find specific information.

    Large items such as refrigerators, freezers will be serviced under warranty by the manufacturers recommended servicer at your location.
    *Videos are for reference only, please refer to our features tab for exact model info.

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