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Audiovox NP1V No Photo Camera Jammer - 12 Voltage

Audiovox NP1V No Photo Camera Ja...
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Model #: NP1V
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  • Software filtering prevents false alerts
  • Fits on all cars and trucks
  • Powerful Digital Signal Processing technology enhances valid detection so the noPhoto never misses a single flash
  • Shadows, car headlights, sunlight, and police LIDAR guns are just some of the false alerts that the noPhoto is intelligent enough to filter out
  • Ultra-fast microprocessor reacts in microseconds to properly categorize the threat and fire the no Photos flash
  • Defeats all red light and speed cameras
  • Complies with license plate frame laws
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Fits on all cars and trucks
  • Stealthy, low-profile design
  • Not a spray, cover, or frame - patented 12v device
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