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MINN KOTA 1363711 Minn kota ript...
MINN KOTA 1363711
riptide st saltwater 80 bow-mount trolling motor w/ autopilot
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riptide® st

our rugged new saltwater powerhouse features better performance, standard copilot™ and a new foot pedal option. new stow/deploy mechanism lets you move effortlessly in and out of the water.

motor highlights

stow & deploy
ready, willing and able

  • simply depress the handle and fallaway ramps effortlessly deploy the motor into the water. the balanced motor design makes stowing easy, and a special master cut-off switch automatically turns the power off when stowed.

go remote with standard copilot™
  • one of our most popular accessories is now a standard feature on the riptide® st. copilot gives you control of speed, steering and on/off controls, along with a new high speed bypass control for instant full power. you can also now activate your autopilot™ from anywhere on the boat including the platform!

digital autopilot™
  • riptide® sts new digitally controlled autopilot™ delivers infinitely variable steering adjustments for smoother course corrections and tighter heading accuracy. point the motor to your desired heading, turn autopilot on and experience the ultimate boat-control advantage.


digital maximizer™
digital maximizer™. up to five times longer run time on a single charge.
  • conventional speed coil technology wastes energy by delivering a constant, steady flow of power to the motor regardless of the speed setting resulting in wasted energy.
  • pioneered in 1985, minn kotas innovative maximizer™ technology delivers the precise amount of power needed at any setting, along with variable speed control. now, our advanced, digital microprocessing optimizes draw to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat. get up to five times longer run time on a single charge.

optional foot pedal
  • new waterproof, low-profile foot pedal with 18' cord offers precise control. you can activate autopilot™ as well as heel/toe or right/left steering, infinite speed adjustments, and momentary/constant on/off control. sold separately.

advanced corrosion protection
  • riptide® features premium-grade marine alloys, including aluminum upper arms that are virtually impervious to oxidative corrosion (rust). metals undergo a rigid multi-step cleaning process before being anodized or coated with a special zinc dichromate armor plating. all components are then finished with a 5-mil tgic polyester, powder coat paint.

fully encapsulated electronics
  • riptide® control boards (1) are fully encapsulated in marine-grade urethane (2) to protect the electronic circuitry. all electrical connections are sealed with liquid-tight heat shrink tubing to form an impregnable barrier against the destructive effects of saltwater

sacraficial anode
  • a patented sacrificial anode protects the motor from galvanic corrosion. saltwater attacks the zinc anode (discretely located on the prop hub), which can be easily replaced when necessary. the result is better protection and longer motor life.

cool, quiet power
  • nothing runs cooler or more quietly than minn kota®. extra large windings and commutators are used to dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power and longer motor life. a unique bearing system produces low rpms/high torque to cut down on fish-spooking noise so quiet theyll never hear you coming.

indestructible composite shaft
  • the standard of the industry since 1991! pound for pound, our ultra high-yield composite material has been tested to be three times the strength of stainless steel. virtually indestructible, it flexes on impact and then returns to its original position. unlike stainless steel, will not kink, break, rust or corrode guaranteed for life!

  • 3-year warranty riptide® st bow-mount trolling motors feature the industrys first three-year warranty

Model #: 1363711

When requiring any service/repairs for your Minn Kota product, you will need your original receipt of purchase for warranty coverage. If you do not have your receipt of purchase, we will reference your product's serial number and will base your warranty coverage off date of manufacture. We recommend that you write the serial number down in your product’s user manual or somewhere outside of your boat so you have it available for future reference. If you need assistance in locating the serial number on a product, please use this reference sheet.

Warranty on Minn Kota Freshwater Trolling Motors
Minn Kota Limited Lifetime warranty on Composite Shaft and Limited Two-Year warranty on entire product

Warranty on Minn Kota Saltwater/Riptide Trolling Motors
Minn Kota Limited Lifetime warranty on Composite Shaft and Limited Two-Year warranty on entire product

Warranty on Minn Kota E-Drive Primary Propulstion Motors
Minn Kota Limited Two-Year warranty on entire product

Warranty on Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchors
Minn Kota Limited warranty on Talon Shallow Water Anchors

Warranty on Minn Kota On-Board Battery Chargers and Battery Maintainers
Minn Kota Limited Three-year warranty on entire product

Warranty on Minn Kota i-Pilot Wireless GPS Trolling Systems
Minn Kota Limited Two-year warranty on entire product

Warranty on Minn Kota CoPilot Accessories
Minn Kota Limited Two-year warranty on entire product

Warranty on Minn Kota Accessories
Minn Kota Limited One-year warranty on entire product

Warranty on Minn Kota DeckHand Electric Anchor Winches
Minn Kota Limited Two-year warranty on entire product

*Videos are for reference only, please refer to our features tab for exact model info.
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